Happy In*Dependence* Day

Today early this morning I hear the national anthem being played at a loud sound in a nearby school which woke me up from my bed. There were strident sounds all over!

Then I realised that today is our so called “HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY” which was the day we used to get a holiday, go to the school to fetch some chocolates and stand in the sun out of the fear of the headmaster and listen to some dramatic, well prepared jingoistic script of a local politician and come back to home, watch those patriotic movies in the television and sleep.

Memories apart, I woke up and came out to have a walk along the coast of our beloved beach.

Everyone out there are celebrating by hoisting the national flag and screeching out their patriotism on the roads waving the flag.

Few days back, I was in a local theatre where playing the national anthem is mandatory before playing the film. During the national anthem, some were standing, some were talking, some were not even interested in what’s going on!

But today everyone became the most patriotic person in the country changing their social media profiles, a flag affixed on their shirt (direction doesn’t matter though, just affixing matters), feeling goosebumps when they hear the national anthem.

I don’t know why didn’t they change their social media profiles during all these days.

I don’t know why didn’t they affix a flag on their shirt during all these days.

I don’t know why didn’t they feel the goosebumps, a few days back in that theatre when they heard the same national anthem.
I’m not sorry if I hurt any of your personal interests because I ain’t talking about your personal interests, I’m talking about everyone as a whole.

What is the point in celebrating the INDEPENDENCE DAY once in a year or once in a decade when you fake it! If it is celebrated once a decade, then people like me won’t raise any points of your insecurities, fake intentions and your so called patriotism.

It has been 25567 days since August 15th, 1947, sorry you guys are patriots, you count years and celebrate and I don’t belong to your kind because I don’t celebrate a day in a year neither everyday.

What is meant by INDEPENDENCE according to you?

Just getting out of the rule of some selfish foreigner and submitting ourselves to the rule of some selfish homeland guy who acts like a Chauvinist!

Nothing has changed and nothing will!

You like to be chained and act as a puppet to survive the society and to meet its so called “Rules of Being a Social Citizen”

You don’t like to be discriminated, but like to discriminate your fellows.

You don’t like to be disrespected, but like to disrespect your peers.

You don’t want to help someone in need, but like to be helped when you are in need.

You don’t like the reservation system and caste system, but like to hang out with people belonging to your caste community.

You don’t like to be compared with someone’s socioeconomic status who is higher than yours’ but like to compare yours’ with the one who is low according to you.

You complain about corruption, but you want your job to be done at any cost as fast as possible.

You pledge that “ALL INDIANS ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS” but men like to have sex with every beautiful woman they see and women fantasize about every handsome guy they see.

You like to hang out with your girlfriends, but you don’t like your daughter or sister to step out of your home after 8 PM.

You like to love a girl and marry her, but your daughter or sister shouldn’t love nor marry a person of her choice because that would ruin your status in the society, because that would ruin your name in your community.
How can a person say that he is independent, but he does everything which is right according to the other person, which is honourable according to the thoughts laid by the society.

I am not judging YOU rather I’m questioning YOU.

True independence lies in believing yourself, empowering yourself and fellow persons around you, doing the right thing even if it is against the rules put by this so called society.


If you fear the government then where is the point of celebrating Independence!

You are being dependent on all these aspects to live according to your virtuous society.

Thus, I wish you a “HAPPY IN*DEPENDENCE* DAY


If believing the dirt of your country is greater than that of other country is what you call as patriotism, then I’m not one of you, I’m not a patriot, I belong to the UNIVERSE.

Quote #6

So called “LOVE” with which people like to play with!

Feelings are meant to be used, played and burned!

A Short-Term Friend

People don’t need me in their exhilaration neither I’d be delectated for being entailed in it!

But when they are in choked desolation, my contact will be the first thing in their mind!

I’d be happy if I could be helpful when they need me.

You can never understand my altruistic desire!

I never had a chance neither I am interested in celebrating a friendship day because my fraternity changes along with the seasons of the year.

Because I’m a short-term friend!



Revanth Dasari


Tears trickle down my cheeks. Such a weird thing that a chemical composition of sodium and potassium mixed with water is a symbolic expression of overwhelming feelings. 

“Are you crying again?“, my dad enquires.
Nah. Not really, I was just…. carried away by thoughts
“So, how long do you plan to put a façade on it?” He smirks.
Yes, I’m crying. Yes, it’s about her. How does it matter to you? You wouldn’t understand anyway. Let me be. Let me mourn. Let me die if I want to
“Die? Okay, I’ll let you. Any way you ain’t resourceful either to yourself or us” He says.
Uh huh. Good. Now will you leave?
“But, what was that you telling me that I wouldn’t understand?” He asks.
Yeah. What would you know about love. Have you ever even been in love?
“Let that rest for a while. You’ve loved. What after that? Marriage?” He asks.
Um. Yes.
“Then? You’ll have kids? What next? What do you think love is?” He questions.
“No answer?  In fact, there isn’t an answer. You think it’s love binding me and your mom together? No. I’m with her because it’s my responsibility. You think there’s love towards you for me? No. It’s responsibility again.

Both are two different things. It’s easy to love but difficult to keep up the exact same feelings.

Let’s talk practical, what are you studying?” He asks.
Engineering 1st year

“And her?” He asks.

MBBS 2nd year
“Your first barrier. Educational. Where is she studying at?”


“And you at Vizag. Geographical barrier!”

So what is it that you wanna say?

“See, the girl is practically your senior in another college right now. In a couple of years she’ll be married” he says.
No, she won’t. There won’t be any match making anytime soon!”

“Is that what she said you?” He questions.

“Poor kid doesn’t even know that alliances would be made. By the end of her 4th year she’ll be engaged. Her fiancé would take her movies, restaurants, meeting up at her college, showing her the love life before their marriage. Wake up. Think practical”

“Hurts doesn’t it? You wanna cry so hard, right? It’s okay, cry a river if you want” he says.
It’s not like that. She loves me, I know it. It’s just the situations
“That’s what I’m trying to say to, she’ll love you, not marry you. If everyone only wanted to marry their loved ones, 70% of Indian marriages wouldn’t even happen. If she couldn’t say a word in front of her parents then where is the point of truth and strength in her love. 

Or let’s talk your way. Suppose you do convince her and her family in these 4 years and do marry her then all you’re gonna have is just responsibilities. There’s not gonna be any love left in between, you two because you shall have lost your love life by then” he says.
So you say I lack time?
“Hmm! It’s safe to say you have a year. After that she won’t be given to decide her future. So stop crying and despairing. Get to what you want. Use the fire to brighten up.

It’s okay to think that you were a loser. But thinking that you still are is a problem. You see, the problem isn’t in the society, but your head. Stop being dramatic and getting carried away by emotions, try as hard as you can to achieve what you want” he says.
I hear the click of the door. My therapist enters. 

“What are you still doing here Jay? I’ve been searching for you all while.” the therapist asks.
I was talking to my dad
“I see. Now, go to your room, ” he said
I know what will happen after I leave. The doctor is going to increase my Symbyax dosage. He still thinks I’m hallucinating. 

But really? 3 months since my dad’s decease? 

Idiots! They can never understand. The person who truly loves you, will never leave you. I know Dad, you love me.


Leaving a person for the same reasons for which you once loved him is nothing less than murdering him!

Not A Birthday Wish!

It’s been a long time since I wished someone on their birthday.

Because I usually hate birthdays as they don’t make any sense.

Celebrating a single day is for the common people and you aren’t one among them.

Hey, Shraddha!

Yes, you are an exquisite creation, a special and rare edition whom no one wants to miss in their lifetime!

As long as I live, 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours, 365 days, every year, every decade, all the time, you were, you are, you will always have that special place in my life!

Be happy, believe in you, create the you!

And finally, I am not gonna wish you a Happy birthday dear because you’re worth it every day!


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